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I'm Sofia Isabel, freelance writer and yoga teacher.

I write to unlearn most things we heard at school and at the dinner table. I also teach vinyasa yoga and pranayama as a way to take self-inquiry one step further—cultivating the habits that nurture joy and peace of mind.

The Unlearning Project is all about digging. We dig because there's a misconception about self-awareness as being somewhere very far away.  Our starting point is that we are already complete, but we have to dig past a lot of dirt to realize it.  

We don't have a silver bullet, this is a 100% anti-doctrinal approach. Unlearning is purely experiential, and you hold the shovel to start the process. This platform is meant to help you uncover your awareness and realize your own potential.

So lets start digging!

Image by Geordanna Cordero

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    This month's pick is 'Sapiens' by Yuval Noah Harari. This book offers a unique historical account of how society came to be this way. We take everything for granted. I mean everything; from where we purchase our food to having a nationally accepted time zone. Harari takes us back in time to see how things were before the advent of modern capitalism, and in so doing makes us question even the most widely accepted social norms.  The debate of nature versus nurture takes a whole different dimension. If our social system is just a product of an intricately woven inter-subjective reality, can we change the way society behaves through the sheer power of collective imagination? Dare we inter-weave a different way of being, and what kind of society would therefore ensue?