I’m a 26-year-old Bolivian with a background in Development Economics. Simply reading this makes me cringe because I’m so much more than that. Whenever people ask me to introduce myself, the first thing I say is, “It’s complicated. How much time do you have?”

And then something like this:

“I’m sofia, a 26-year-old Bolivian/Canadian with a background in Anthropology and Development Economics. But what I actually do is game design for behavior change. Oh, and I’m also a part-time writer and yoga teacher.”

As you might have guessed by now, I'm still figuring it out. 

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My Story

I grew up in La Paz Bolivia, 3600 meters over sea level which gave me a good sense of what the weather is like up there. All jokes aside, I believe that human experience is a result of our own unique conditionings—education, race, culture, table manners, etc. Conditionings are habits just like having a cup of coffee every single morning, and the good news is that habits can always be changed.

I've spent my entire life weaving between Hinduism, Andean cosmology, Amazonian Shamanism, Southern Ute traditions, Sikhism and Dzogchen Buddhism. Oscillating between different visions of the world taught me that there is no one right way to be human. It's really just a matter of perspectives which can be changed, mix-and-matched and turned upside-down to make life more fulfilling. Realizing that everything is a matter of perspective means that we get to stop taking ourselves so seriously— we can begin creating our experiences instead of reacting to them much in the same way that children create their own imaginary worlds.

The Unlearning Project is a dialogue between psychology, behavioural economics, philosophy and poetry for the sake of making the world a more beautiful place. 

Welcome to my playground!


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