10 Things To Do Before You Fall Asleep Tonight

  1. Bid the last sun rays farewell

  2. Plant your feet on dewy grass, and thank the earth for spinning us to sleep.

  3. Gaze up at the milky way, embrace the smallness and laugh at your problems.

  4. Stop by that forgotten hallway painting, admire it as if it were the first time.

  5. Acknowledge your flatmates, living-room succulent, table-top spider and pantry ant.

  6. Splash water on your face, Cleanse the frown off your forehead.

  7. Brush away the curses, bounce a perfect smile off the mirror.

  8. Undress with consciousness, drop the mask on the ground and crawl in bed bare.

  9. Tuck your hopes and dreams under the covers, slide a wish under your pillowcase.

  10. Turn the lights off and your thoughts along with it.