Blood Thirst

Come with me love.

Leave a trail of blood wherever you go so I can find you once more.

It’s okay to cry,

The sea won’t hurt if a few more salty drops fall into its waters.

I’m thinking of a song you used to sing bellow your breath.

One about lust and the sound of your bones breaking.

Crushed under the weight of my desires.

Did I do this to you?

Did I leave you limp and lifeless.

Did I steal your hopes, take away your inspiration?

Did I condense you into a few verses.

Did I reduce you to liquid ink,

Did I drop a few coffee stains on your skin on a sleepless night.

Did I bleed you and leave you out to dry…

On a hanger with all my other lovers.

Unknowingly vicious, an innocent criminal.

Did I stab you with lexicon,

Did I kill you with verses and bury your weightless body in metaphors.

Can you breath still, can you hear me from down under?

If you can, I am so sorry.

I am sorry I used you for art, for turning you into another journal entry.

But as long as there is still an ounce of blood left in your veins…

There will be poetry.