Collapse and Rebound

A poem about the law of gravity

Are we not all falling up into outer space?

The deeper I go the more I realize,

I’m closer to the moon than I am to to the ground,

I inhale in abundance and suddenly,

The tables are turned.

The laws of physics cease to pull me down,

The universe breaths me in,

The sun beats down through every single heart beat,

The ocean pumps life through my veins,

Earth lives and sprouts through the soles of my feet.

And as soon as my lungs fill to capacity…

When I’m at the brim and about to burst…

Then just as I came to life,

So I collapse.

I’m sinking, sinking, sinking…

The entire Universe caving back in,

Flowers wilt inside my contracting lungs,

A predator crushes it’s prey as I run out of air,

Sinking its sharpened teeth into fresh meat,

Blood spills to the ground,

It hits the earth with a melodic drip, drip, drip.

And Shiva’s percussion dictates the beginning…

Of the next big bang on the next big breath.

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