Destination Soles

This isn’t just another day in your life.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

What is that feeling they keep talking about?

It sounds something like the end of a movie,

the soft fading music when everything is done and over with.

It feels like making it to the top of a mountain.

Looking over the edge peering down,

Looming over stretching one leg out into the abyss,

Testing your balance to see if what they say is true.

How do you climb to the top when the weight of gravity makes your feet so heavy?

How do you breath in effortlessly when your chest keeps caving in,

How do you know which path to choose when you’ve lost your compass,

How will you recognize it when you’ve never seen it before…

The chase is over before it ever began.

There never was a mountain, no promised land, no abyss.

There is no rise and there is no fall.

Peace is in every footstep,

Your destination lies underneath the soles of your feet.

Your heart sings when you listen,

Your wings spread when you let yourself fall,

There is no attainment and nothing to attain.

You are rich, you are full, you are plenty.

You are here.

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