Kaleidoscope Syndrome

Sea salt and the blistering pain of the unknown.

I dig my feet into the sand and stare into the endless blue horizon.

Promising a million dreams.

Asking a million questions that will forever remain unanswered.

Watching the waves as they go back into the ocean with a hush,

As if begging you not to reveal their coded message.

Sitting, reminiscing.

I stitch up new daydreams with the imprints of faded memories.

Images of past childhood games.

Running your hands through morning dew,

Crisp autumn air and the scent of freshly cut grass.

Looking for figures in the clouds and wondering…

Wondering what shapes they might see from way up above.

Finding secrets in your parent’s drawers.

An oddly shaped cigarette, lingerie and an old lover’s love letter.

The smell of incense lingers down the stairs, making its way into the kitchen.

Letting a piece of chocolate slowly melt in your palate after dinner.

Playing hide and seek with resident ghosts.

Hiding behind doorways and between old coats in the closet.

A shoebox for a treasure chest, and a blue journal for night-time confessions.

“Keep my secrets, I’ll keep yours.” I whispered into my brother’s ear.

An accomplice in a house of muffled voices, whispers and silence.

Melancholy disguised in Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane albums on Sunday evenings.

Separate lives meeting under a single roof,

playing card games and drawing spades instead of truth out of one another’s decks.

We hide…you seek but shall not find.

You will not find me unless I invite you into my world.

This world where I roam freely, destroying, rearranging, building something real out of shattered glass.

Kaleidoscope syndrome and a scattered reflection on shiny kitchen tiles.

I play for a living, I carry my mismatched pieces in a satchel around my neck.

I wear fragments on my sleeve, I echo long forgotten voices.

I weave new dreams from the threads of memories past.

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