Trying out this new body, this new skin. Playfully making things up since eyes first opened, Testing a smile, inquisitive. Challenging time to see how many thoughts I can think in a minute. Watching movement unfold… Trying gravity to see how long I can stay suspended. Testing space to see how much of it I can occupy with my body. Elongating vertebrae, craning my neck like a swan, creating space between my toes, finding balance on both legs, cautiously, placing one foot in front of the other. How marvellous it is to propel your body forward through space, How incredible it is to change the shape of objects by pressing down, How is it that I can stay grounded without falling up? What keeps me here, what gives me this freedom… This incredible power to create, to shift colours like a chameleon. Change scripts like a movie director. Mesmerized by the intermittent fluttering of your own eyelashes, Dividing your world into billions of tiny frames, giving the illusion of seconds passing by, but are they really?

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