Quantum Leap

A poem about a last minute change of course

Can I count on you to remind me,

of all the beautiful things when the lights go out?

Sitting in a dark room I still paint my canvas with water-color.

I imagine a world where compassion,

is the rule and not the exception.

When you forget that my happiness is yours,

and yours is mine…

Will you keep stepping on the gas,

when it’s clear we are cliff-bound?

Will you keep flying against the glass window,

Chasing broken ideals…

Will you refuse to change direction even as your vision gets hazy,

and your wings start to waver?

When will you see that all the riches in the world,

Will not fill the gaping hole inside your chest?

All the air in the atmosphere won’t fill the lungs of the greedy.

Conquering the moon,

Cursing the sun for not shining bright enough,

Blowing up mountain ranges,

And still not finding any gold.

Could it be that we are looking in the wrong place.

Aim for the crack in the door from where light trickles through.

Right before your brittle bones break.

Before your legs give in under the weight of ambition...

Just as you are sinking, sinking, sinking…

Take that quantum leap of faith,

just before your ticking heart runs out of beats.

In that last split second,

You look up and gasp for air.

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